With the Skyways “Walk No More” Live @ Starry Nites Cafe, Rochester, NY

by Michael Lasota on 2014 April 9, no comments

A show from 2013 with Brian Theobalds, Ben Baker, and Liza Rose. Along with Michael Lasota, we rocked Starry Nites, one night only.

Skyways-Walk No More Starry Nites from Michael Lasota on Vimeo.

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Sail My Little Ship EP

by Michael Lasota on 2014 January 25, no comments

Released around Christmas, here is my 4 track EP (with encouraging BUY NOW beeps) on SoundCloud.

You may find my music on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and all other online music sites!

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The coolest jam in the Guiness Book of World Records.

by Michael Lasota on 2014 January 19, no comments

This guy’s got it!


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Us musicians always think we’re profound…

by Michael Lasota on 2014 January 6, no comments

So let me pretend I have an idea no one else has ever brought up (I’m kiddin, ya know… but my further statement is an honest thought in my head this evening…)

(words on ‘global warming’ or the idea)
Weather changes. The World changes. All continents used to be connected. There were Dinosaurs, ‘cavemen’, and an ice age. The World will always change and evolve. No matter what we do to progress it quicker or slower… it’s going to be what it’s meant to be

I love it. Just imagine, we as humans now didn’t exist a few hundred thousands of years ago. And now we do. And with such interesting connectivity and ‘technology’. Wowsers!

Imagine what a few more hundred to thousands of years will advance us, or step us back.

What if we get extinct like the dinos? Or other species that have gone extinct? There’ll be another adventure, advancement or .. who knows! Things we can’t even IMAGINE that might be too surreal to contemplate.

Don’t you think that’s awesome?

Yea, we as a human species and our technologies may have sped up some pollution, and some problems with our water sources, over crowding, etc. But do you stop to think that may have happened before?

Without a known history beyond a few thousand years, we can’t learn from the past. It’s hard.. given that maybe the species from the past (if existed) before us (prior to Egyptians, Romans, etc etc etc…) may have had other ways to accumulate history and information that the written or verbal stuff we know now.

Boggles the mind to think about – but think about it: We only know the current state we’ve grown up in. We are the humans we’ve been since the 1900′s and nothing more. The DNA we’ve come with only gives our current conscience so much to grasp.

I’m as nervous as anyone to “die” (pass on from this form), but damn I’m looking forward to .. hopefully getting that knowledge (back?) to see what it’s all about, and (remember?/know) why I’ve come here to this … and done what I’ve done, and interacted with whom I’ve interacted, ate what I ate, sung what I sang, and so on and so forth.

Alright – I’m done being philosophical. I’m going to listen to some more music and let my brain waves wiggle around some more

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Calling all artists…

by Michael Lasota on 2013 December 22, no comments

I need a graphic artist to help design a look/brand/logo for my music persona. I’m about to print up a bunch of CD’s and business cards.

I need someone that does original, unique facetypes (not just using one that’s already created) and also can do some graphical work (ie, a logo).

I will be releasing my next album in January/February of 2014 and need to start getting on the fast track.


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Now available on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, Spotify and more!

by Michael Lasota on 2013 December 11, no comments

Michael’s new 4 track EP titled “Sail My Little Ship EP” is available for download, purchase and streaming on practically every service you can think of!

Buy directly and the artist gets a majority of the sales.

Michael Lasota: Sail My Little Ship EP
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Live Show – Thursday, June 13th, 2013

by Michael Lasota on 2013 May 31, no comments

576586_10200622948432941_505587505_nI will be performing at Starry Nites Cafe at 696 University Ave, in Rochester, NY on Thursday, June 13th from 8 to 10pm.

I’ll also be giving away 8 Bus passes for RTS’s “Transit Day” for June 20th’s “Leave your car at home” campaign. These are full day passes that will work only on June 20th.

Free tonight to those who want to participate! Read more at the Rochester Subway website here.

The show is free! Come on by!

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Singer/Songwriter Gunned Down after East Coast/West Coast Singer/Songwriting Feud Heats Up

by Michael Lasota on 2013 May 26, no comments

Singer/Songwriter Michael Lasota was gunna down and in stable condition after Frederick P Roosevelt, famed LA folk songwriter, allegedly shot Michael coming out of a Los Angeles coffee shop. Sources say that Lasota and Roosevelt have been at feud over lyrics in their songs – when taken out of context, show Michael’s dislike and annoyance with Frederick’s generic songwriting style.

F.P.R. has been quoted in several interviews as saying that Michael doesn’t understand West Coast Folk music, and that he needs to “stay in NY, or watch his back.”

TMZ has posted photos of the crime scene as well as photos of Mr. Lasota in his hospital – where thousands of fans have sent in letters and flowers in support for his full recovery. He’ll be flown back to Rochester this coming Tuesday.

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Michael’s studio sessions with Ben Michalak and Brian Theobalds, soon to be released.

by Michael Lasota on 2013 May 15, no comments

400678_4888921749575_768768685_nBen Michalak’s new album will be released this coming June. Michael sat in with Ben and famed Buffalo, NY drummer Brian Theobalds (pictured) to record their new tracks for the album.

Be sure to check out Doc Baker’s Traveling Musicological Extravaganza for more details.


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Live Show – Saturday 5/4 at Starry Nites Cafe!

by Michael Lasota on 2013 April 30, no comments

400697_10200421802044407_2108996442_nI’ve got another show on Saturday May 4th at Starry Nites Cafe, at 696 University Ave, Rochester, NY! It is from 8-11PM in the amazingly beautiful Flat Iron building. Close by to the Bachelors forum (LGBT pub) and Edibles restaurant (high class dining), as well as many museums and restaurants!

Swing by. My roommate Chris will be my opening player.

Free to the public, all ages welcome!

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Rochester City Newspaper Best Busker Competition 2013!

by Michael Lasota on 2013 April 29, no comments

I’ll be one of many people performing for a prize as Rochester’s best busker in the East End this Thursday, May 2nd from 6-8 PM.

Check out this link for more event information!


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New Show! Starry Nites Cafe – Rochester, New York! 3/30/2013

by Michael Lasota on 2013 March 29, no comments

Starry Nites March 30

My MOST favourite place to play in the whole of the USA – Starry Nites Cafe at 696 University Ave, Rochester, NY has me playing a last minute gig tomorrow night, March 30th, 2013 from 8 to 11PM! It’s a free show, showcasing my songwriting and singing.

If you take a listen to some of my songs and feel you would like to bring your instruments and play along – I would be honoured.

This is NOT an open mic, but you are welcome to jam with my songs during the evening at will. :)


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A new ReverbNation page!

by Michael Lasota on 2013 March 26, no comments

I’m working on a ReverbNation page.

Check out some songs I’ve posted from my current “EP”

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Midnight Drive [Official Video]

by Michael Lasota on 2013 March 26, no comments

Here is the exclusive new video for Midnight Drive, by Michael W. Lasota with Brian Theobalds of Buffalo, NY on drums!

This song was inspired by Tom Petty’s “Mojo” album, as well as the stylings of JJ Cale – one of Michael’s favourite musicians.

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New Show! Taste cafe in East Aurora, New York! 3/23/2013

by Michael Lasota on 2013 March 21, no comments

26787_1342799046829_6202691_nI’ll be performing at Taste in East Aurora, New York on 3/23/2013.

My performances are rare these days, so come out and have a great E.T. Mocha, and some delicious pastries. Enjoy the atmosphere of small-town America… stop by Viddlers 5 & 10, stop by the World headquarters of Fisher Price and visit all the cute little shops around downtown East Aurora on this beautiful Saturday!

Performance is from 7:30 to about 9pm or later. The show is free, but tipping is always welcome and CD’s will be available for sale. I will be happy to sign autographs and have photos taken! Please be sure to record the show and interact with the music!


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Michael Solo

by Michael Lasota on 2013 March 21, no comments

I’ve played by myself more times than I count. Hey – keep your mind focused! Here’s some videos of me performing some solo material.

“Broke Down in Santa Rosa”:

“Laid Back”

“Sittin’ on the Porch”:

“Walk No More”:

“Ode to Max”: (Max Devin Coronado)


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Wednesdays at the Byrd House!

by Michael Lasota on 2013 March 21, no comments

A nice gentleman has recorded a few of our (rough) jams from the Byrd House in Orchard Park, NY. Stop out on Wednesday nights to see Phil Elinki-hosted open jam night.

“Work So Hard”

“Sittin’ On the Porch”

“I’ve Got Time”:

“Broke Down in Santa Rosa”:

“Sail My Little Ship”


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Live in Taiwan @ Emerge

by Michael Lasota on 2011 June 3, no comments

I have performed as an opening act to Dr. James of Taiwan, at the Emerge Live House venue in Taichung, Taiwan.

Check out the video playlist here!

Michael W. Lasota – She Gets Me High [Live in Taiwan] from Michael Lasota on Vimeo.

Be sure to visit Emerge Live House’s website, and Dr James!

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