I Love You (Yes, I Do)

Michael W. Lasota's newest single, "I Love You (Yes, I Do)" written in February 2015. A step past his usual folk/rock sound, with an added touch of pop. Live drum tracks keep the feel real while still combining his country feel and his energetic pop appeal. Drums by Brian Theobalds of Buffalo, New York.


Sail My Little Ship to You

Recorded in 2012 in New Haven, CT with some of his best friends, this song was penned in 2011 about a past love in hopes of reaching the shores of her heart. This song conveys the emotions Michael was feeling at the time, with piano contribution by Jake Cassman; drums by Brian Theobalds of Buffalo, New York; bass guitar by Ken McAnlis of St Augustine, Florida; and vocals by a varity of folks including Ben and Jeanette Baker of Rochester, New York; and more.



Midnight Drive

Recorded in 2012 in Buffalo, New York. This song was inspired by a stay in Tulsa, Oklahoma several years earlier and listening to Tom Petty's 2010 Mojo album. The video includes several driving clips from various locations Michael has traveled including Taichung, Taiwan; Mohave Desert, California; and Painted Desert, Arizona.

Credits: Michael W. Lasota - Vocal/Guitar/Video
Brian Theobalds - Drums
Jake Cassman - Piano
Ken McAnlis - Bass

Flying (In My Dreams)

Released 2015 - Michael's first work with electronic / acoustic sounds since the 90's.