Michael W. Lasota has led a long, wide-ranging musical career, and the labors of the travel appear in his songs. Michael brings his ears with him wherever he goes, taking in every sound and adding his own unique voice. His earnest and laid-back blend of folk, country, and blues is first and foremost informed by his devotion to late Oklahoma songwriter JJ Cale. Michael has spent several significant stretches in Tulsa, working with and learning from Cale’s contemporaries as well as the vibrant new generation of Red Dirt players.

The road has also taken Michael and his guitar from his home in Buffalo NY to places as far-flung as Florida, Oregon, North Carolina, and Taichung Taiwan – where he lived, worked, and played for some time. A prolific solo artist, Michael is also a member of The Skyways, a psychedelic-leaning group he shares with fellow upstate musician Ben Baker. With such a stylistically and geographically diverse range of musicians on his side, Michael’s music is always surprising, engaging, and instantly recognizable.

-Ben Baker, 2013

Michael W. Lasota導致一個長期的,廣泛的音樂生涯,和旅行的勞動力出現在他的歌曲。邁克爾帶來了他的耳朵和他的場子,同時在每一個聲音和添加自己獨特的聲音。 他的認真和悠閒的融合民謠,鄉村,藍調首先是通過他的獻身精神最重要的知情下旬俄克拉荷馬詞曲作者JJ Cale的。邁克爾已經使用了幾個顯著綿延塔爾薩,有工作和Cale的同時代以及充滿活力的新生代紅土球員學習。

路上還採取邁克爾和他的吉他從他的家在紐約州水牛城作為遙遠的佛羅里達州,俄勒岡州,北卡羅來納州,台中台灣地方 – 在那裡他生活,工作等方面發揮了一段時間。作為一名多產的獨奏藝術家,邁克爾也是Skyways酒店的一員,他與同胞音樂家州北部貝克奔迷幻的傾向組。隨 著在他身邊的音樂家這樣的曲風和地域多元化,邁克爾的音樂總是出人意料,引人入勝,並一眼認出 –Ben Baker


Download: Michael W. Lasota - Wagon Wheel (Live Cover) 2012 (36MB FLAC file)


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Michael W. Lasota has performed countless venues, cafes, restaurants, and bars in North America and Taiwan. In the USA
he has frequented Tulsa, Oklahoma; Portland, Oregon; Buffalo and Rochester, New York; Greensboro, NC; and St Augustine, Florida to name a few places. In Taiwan Michael typically performs in Taoyuan, Taipei and Taichung.

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